Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

Types of Claims:

(1) Subrogation

(2) Social Security Disability Appeals

(3) Collection matters, both in Superior Court and Small Claims,           both for Plaintiff and Defendant

(4) Landlord-Tenant, Eviction, Security Deposit Cases

(5) Negligence / Auto Accident

(6) Workers’ Compensation

(7) Employment Law & Discrimination

(8) Commercial Law & Contract Cases

(9) Consumer law cases

(10) Foreclosures

(11) Real Estate Litigation

(12) Neighbor Disputes

Real Estate Closings

Probate Matters

Family Law

Divorce, or Dissolution of Marriage:

  (1) Custody and Parenting Time

  (2) Child Support

  (3) Alimony

  (4) Property Division, Real and Personal

  (5) Division of Financial Assets & Liabilities

  (6) Division of Retirement Assets 

Representation of Children:

  (1) Guardian Ad Litem

  (2) Attorney for the Minor Child

Post Judgment Matters:

  (1) Modification of Alimony

  (2) Modification of Child Support

  (3) Modification of Custody and/or Parenting Time

   (4) Relocation

Criminal Law